About us

In 1986 the first Saint Cinnamon store opened in The Town & Country Mall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Saint Cinnamon’s cinnamon rolls which were baked in full view of the customers quickly became a big hit with Canadians and stores began opening in mall locations throughout Ontario.

As customers approached the Saint Cinnamon stores, the wonderful aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns had a mesmerizing effect on people.  The thought of eating one was simply irresistible. At that time, the food menu was strictly cinnamon rolls, complemented with an array of specialty coffees, teas, and cold beverages. Saint Cinnamon was rolling out a lot of stores and soon earned a world-wide a reputation for baking and offering the finest cinnamon rolls around the globe.

Saint Cinnamon has grown into a franchise with locations in malls, office buildings.  The menu was expanded to include crepes, wraps, sandwiches, salads and specialty cold and hot beverages. The Saint Cinnamon model can fit a number of different possible retail, licensing, co-branding locations and special event venues.

Saint Cinnamon’s specialty continues to be and will always be the baking of its amazing Saint Cinnamon Rolls.


Saint Cinnamon’s Cinnfully Delicious rolls are the heart of our business. Only the finest ingredients are used in all our products.  Starting with high quality Canadian spring the flour,proprietary cinnamon sugar blend containing Korintji “A” Cinnamon, the highest quality cinnamon in the world, then top it all off with a delicious cream cheese icing, fruit, nuts or chocolate topping. The aroma will excite your senses and the melt-in-your mouth Cinnfully Delicious rolls will keep you coming back for more! All our cinnamon rolls can be served without icing. Other brands of cinnamon rolls require icing to mask their product.